VIPorter FAQ

On this page you will find answers to most frequently asked questions about VIPorter. For complete program details, please review VIPorter Terms and Conditions.


Membership and enrollment

How can I determine if I am already a VIPorter member?

If you think you may have enrolled in the VIPorter program in the past, simply visit and click/tap the Sign-in button located in the top right corner of every page. Enter your full email address and the password you created when registering. If you have forgotten your password, use the link provided to securely reset a new password.

For any assistance you may require, please contact us at 1-888-619-8622. Our Call Centre agents will be happy to help you locate your VIPorter account.

How can I enroll in the VIPorter loyalty program?

Enrolling is quick and free! Complete the sign-up form at to join and receive your VIPorter number instantly.

Upon enrollment in the VIPorter program, will I receive a membership card?

As a VIPorter member, you can choose to print a copy of your membership card or you can simply add an electronic VIPorter card to your smartphone digital wallet for easy access.

Your electronic card is available for download through Your Account Details page. It will store information like point balances and tier level in real time, along with personalized messaging. In order to receive automatic account updates, you must have Automatic Updates enabled on your card.

Can I register more than one person with the same email address?

VIPorter is an individual customer appreciation program, and the email address serves as the user ID for your account. Therefore each member must have a different email address in order to register.

Can I register my child as a VIPorter member?

Yes, parents may enroll their minor children using a valid email address that is owned and maintained by the parent. The parent will be responsible to maintain a current email address in their child’s VIPorter account to ensure receipt of notifications about the account as all communications from Porter to members relating to the VIPorter program will be made via email.

What is Qualifying Spend?

For every dollar you spend, you will receive one dollar of credit towards your VIPorter Premium status – this is called “Qualifying Spend”.

The Qualifying Spend credit is added to your VIPorter account after you complete travel.

You earn Qualifying Spend on base fare, seats, bags fees and change fees – everything you purchase. Taxes and fees are not counted towards Qualifying Spend.

To learn more about Premium benefits, visit Discover VIPorter.

What is the difference between Qualifying Spend and Redeemable Points?

Qualifying Spend is used to determine your premium membership status and points-earning ratio.

Redeemable Points are the VIPorter points that you earn that can be redeemed for flights.

Why is my Qualifying Spend counter on my Dashboard reset to zero at the beginning of each year?

Qualifying Spend is used to determine whether you qualify for premium membership status. It is calculated on a calendar year basis, from January 1 to December 31. At the beginning of each year the counter therefore resets to zero and starts building up with each new transaction.

Will I receive regular updates about my VIPorter account?

Yes, all VIPorter members receive quarterly electronic account statements, notifications of tier upgrades and other relevant information that pertains to their account.

Members who are opted out will not receive any commercial electronic messages from Porter, such as exclusive promotions, airfare deals and special offers.

Account troubleshooting

I forgot my password. What should I do?

You can securely reset your password online at any time through the Forgot Password? link. You will need to enter either your VIPorter number or the email address you registered on your account before you request your password to be reset.

An email with instructions will be sent to the email address registered on your VIPorter account.

Your new password must be between 8 and 13 characters, include at least one uppercase letter and one number.

Why do I get an error message when I try to log into my account?

The most common reason a member is unable to log into their account or to reset their password online is because their email address is registered on more than one account. In order to gain access, please contact the Call Centre at 1-888-619-862 to have the email address changed on one of the accounts.

I have multiple VIPorter accounts under my name. Can I combine them?

VIPorter accounts or points cannot be combined. We recommend that you select the account you would like to continue using and then contact our Call Centre to request the additional account(s) to be merged with the one you selected and to have your points transferred over.

How do I review and update my personal information?

It’s easy. After you log into your account, select My Account Details from the VIPorter dropdown menu. On this page, you will be able to update your personal and contact information, including travel documents and redress number, change your password or select your flight and seating preferences.

How do I change the name on my VIPorter account?

You can change the name on your VIPorter account if you’ve legally changed your name, or if you want to correct a spelling error in the name appearing on your account. To request this service free of charge, please contact our Call Centre at 1-888-619-8622.

When you request a name change, you will be required to provide copies of legal documentation of the name change, such as a marriage certificate, divorce documents or a legal name change document.

Earning points

How do I earn points?

Points are awarded after you complete travel on a scheduled flight operated by Porter when your VIPorter number has been added at the time of booking.

How do I add my VIPorter number to my upcoming reservation?

If you did not provide your VIPorter number at the time of booking, you can add it to your reservation directly on

Retrieve your reservation through My Bookings and then go to Update Passenger Details in the Passenger Summary section to add your VIPorter number before you fly.

If you are already logged into your account, use the Can't find your booking here? link on My Bookings landing page to add your VIPorter number to your reservation.

Can I earn points on a Porter Escapes package?

Yes, you can earn points on the air package component of your Porter Escapes package (value assigned by Porter) along with any seat selection fees, checked baggage fees and other qualifying ancillary fees. For full details, please refer to VIPorter Terms and Conditions.

Can I earn points when I purchase a Porter Pass booklet?

Porter Pass booklet purchases are not eligible for points, as points are awarded upon completion of travel.

You will, however, earn points for all flights that you pay for with a Porter Pass voucher (after travel is complete). A flat base airfare value will be used based on the region traveled to /from and the type of fare purchased. For full details, see VIPorter Terms and Conditions

Can I earn points on Group fares?

Yes, you will earn VIPorter points based on the actual value of the base fare. The number of points will vary, based on your membership tier.

Can I earn points for my travel on a partner airline flight?

No, VIPorter points are earned only on Porter-operated flights.

Will I earn points for my flight if it was booked with a flight credit (credit shell)?

Yes, you will earn points for your flight even if you used a flight credit to pay it.

Can I give my points to a friend or family member as a gift?

You cannot give your VIPorter points as a gift, however you may use your points to purchase a booking for friends or family as long as you make the booking on their behalf.

Can I buy points?

No, points are not available for purchase. They can only be earned through Qualifying Spend activities on Porter flights.

Can I receive points for the flights I booked for other people?

No, VIPorter members cannot receive points for another person’s travel.

Can I transfer my points to the account of another VIPorter member?

No, VIPorter points are not transferrable from one VIPorter member account to another, and cannot be “gifted”.

Missing points

How can I make sure that I received points for my past flight?

Details of your points transactions are available on the Transaction History page accessible through your VIPorter account.

Points are added to your VIPorter account after travel on a qualifying flight has been completed. Please allow up to 5 business days for your points to be added to your account after you fly.

We automatically track qualifying flights when your VIPorter number appears in your booking. That’s why it’s important to include your VIPorter number when you’re booking your reservation, and to use your name exactly as it appears on your account.

How can I claim missing points for the past flight I have taken?

You can submit a request to retroactively add missing points to your VIPorter account through the Missing Points link on your VIPorter Transaction History page. Simply enter the confirmation number of your eligible past flight and we will post applicable points to your account. Please allow up to 5 business days for your request to be processed.

In order to request missing points via the online tool, the name on your VIPorter account must be identical to the name on the reservation you are claiming points for. If the names do not match, you will need to contact the Call Centre at 1-888-619-8622 to submit your points request.

How much time do I have to claim my missing points?

You can request points retroactively up to six (6) months from the date that the flight was completed, provided you were enrolled in VIPorter at the time the flight was completed.

If you are a newly enrolled member, you may request your VIPorter number to be retroactively applied to bookings made within the thirty (30) day period prior to enrollment in the program.

Points expiry

Do my VIPorter points expire?

If you do not earn or redeem points at least once within 24 consecutive months your VIPorter points will expire.

I thought rewards points couldn’t expire?

The Ontario government legislation prevents companies from expiring points based only on the date they were earned. This means that points cannot expire simply because a certain amount of time has passed.

Porter is not using this practice. There is no fixed expiration date for VIPorter points. As long as you fly with us at least one time every 24 months, your points will never expire! That flight may be paid for with cash, points, or a combination of both.

How can I remain active and prevent my points from expiring?

You can remain active by completing one of the following every 24 months:

  • Book and fly
  • Redeem points.

Will I be notified before my VIPorter points expire?

Yes, you will receive an email notification with a summary of the points which are due to expire in advance of your expiry date.

Redeeming points

What can I redeem points for?

VIPorter Points may be redeemed toward the purchase of flights on Porter Airlines, subject to seat availability.

VIPorter Points may be used to pay for either (a) 100% of your base fare, or (b) a portion of your base fare, in which case the balance of the fare must be paid by credit card.

How can I redeem my points?

VIPorter Points can be redeemed online through (remember to sign in to your VIPorter account before you start your booking) or through the Call Centre at 1-888-619-8622. Redeem your points online now

Can I redeem my VIPorter points to book a flight with a partner airline?

You can redeem only for a Porter flight, through or through the Porter Call Centre.

Will the points cover the full cost of my redemption booking?

VIPorter Points may only be applied toward base fare, and not toward any other taxes, fees or charges.

How many points do I need for a flight?

The number of VIPorter Points required to pay for all or a portion of the base fare depends on the fare. So, when the base fares are are the number of points needed to cover the cost of your flight.

To see how many points you need to fly to your favourite Porter city, sign in to your VIPorter account, search for your destination and see the cost of your available flight in points or dollars and points.

Will I earn points for redemption bookings?

If you redeem for a full points award flight, you will not earn points.

If you redeem for a points and cash award flight, you will earn points from the cash portion.

How can I change or cancel a VIPorter redemption booking?

VIPorter redemption bookings can be changed or cancelled either online or through the Call Centre.

Is there a cost to change or cancel a VIPorter redemption booking?

Changes and cancellations are subject to change/cancellation fees applicable to VIPorter bookings of Standard and Flexible fare class in the amounts set out in the General Conditions of Carriage and the payment of any difference in fare, if the fare changed to is higher than that originally booked.)

VIPorter redemption bookings in Freedom class may be changed or cancelled with no fee. The difference in fare must be paid if the new fare is higher than that originally booked.

What happens to my points when I cancel my redemption booking?

As soon as any applicable cancellation fees have been paid for in full, your points will be automatically credited back to your VIPorter account.

Premium membership tiers

How do I qualify for Premium membership status?

Upon completion of travel, you will receive one dollar of credit towards Premium status for every eligible dollar spent (“Qualifying Spend”).

As your Qualifying Spend passes Porter’s pre-defined goals, your status increases. At each higher tier you earn Redeemable Points at a higher rate and enjoy other Premium membership benefits.

How long will my status last?

The highest status you reach at the end of the current year, on or before December 31 is valid until December 31 of the following year.

When your Qualifying Spend reaches a status level in mid-year, you enjoy that tier's benefits.

You can move up multiple levels during the current year, however, you are only downgraded to a lower tier at the end of the current year if you fail to meet the spend goal for your current tier by Dec. 31.

Will I be notified before I lose my status?

Yes, an email notification will be sent to the email address registered on your account.

Will I be notified when I re-qualify for my existing VIPorter tier?

Yes, an email notification will be sent to the email address registered to the account confirming that you have requalified for your existing tier. You are also still able to continue flying to upgrade to higher tiers.

Will I be notified when I move up to a higher tier?

If you have qualified for a premium tier or if you have moved up a tier, you will receive an email notification within 48 hours after your status has been upgraded.

How do I track my progress on Qualifying Spend?

Check the meter in your account Dashboard to quickly and easily keep tabs on your progress toward earning status.

Your Qualifying Spend information is also available on the information page of your electronic card (back of the card).

In April, July and October, you will receive your VIPorter account electronic statement that will contain your Qualifying Spend, how much is required to requalify or move to the next tier.

What benefits do I have as a Passport member?

As a Passport member you will enjoy exclusive access to the Call Centre Priority line along with Premium access benefits that include priority check-in, priority security lanes, priority boarding and priority flight re-accommodation in case of a delay.

What benefits do I have as a Priority member?

Priority member benefits include free Premium seat selection, complimentary first checked bag and complimentary same-day changes on the day of departure. You will continue to enjoy exclusive access to the Call Centre Priority line along with priority flight re-accommodation in case of a delay. You will also receive Premium access benefits that include priority check-in, priority security lanes and priority boarding.

If I am travelling with another VIPorter member who is not a Premium member, what benefits are they eligible to receive?

All travellers on the reservation (excluding Group fares) will automatically receive premium benefits of the highest-tiered member.

Need more help?

Call us at at 1-888-619-8622 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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All prices are per person in Canadian dollars. Taxes and fees are included in the total package price. Prices and availability are not final until reservation is confirmed with payment. Baggage fees and other optional fees charged by Porter are not included.