Women Soar at Porter (WSP)

Women Soar at Porter (WSP)

Our goal is to be the airline of choice for women in aviation.

Bridging the gender gap

Women Soar at Porter aims to bridge the gender gap within all areas of the organization. It also focuses on increasing awareness of all the opportunities that exist for women in aviation.

Clearing the way for women in aviation

We’ve found women appreciate the stability and work-life balance that Porter can offer. This consistency in the ranks establishes a group of mentors that others can look to for technical guidance or corporate culture leadership.

Flexibility is also a key advantage of Porter’s flying schedule.

What’s next?

Female pilots are an important visible representation of WSP – Porter currently has the highest percentage of female pilots in Canada - but it just starts here. We're also opening up the doors to Executive Management, Maintenance Engineers, Ramp Attendants and other areas.

You can soar at Porter!

To learn more about the program or to invite us to speak with your team, email us: wsp@flyporter.com.