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Manage Bookings FAQ

Find out more about managing, changing and cancelling your flights.


Retrieving your booking

Your confirmation number consists of six characters that can be either letters or numbers. You can find it on your booking confirmation, your itinerary email or your e-ticket.

Confirmation number is also referred to as booking reference, reservation number, record locator or Passenger Name Record (PNR).

The email could be in your Spam/Junk mail folder. Please have a look there. To prevent this from happening in the future, please add [email protected] to your contact list to ensure you receive all itinerary emails from Porter Airlines.

Once you do that, you can resend your itinerary to your email via My Bookings. If you do not have the confirmation number, please contact our Call Centre at 416-619-8622 or toll free at 1-888-619-8622 to ensure that your reservation went through.

It is important that you contact us within 24 hours of making your reservation if you do not receive an email.

If you have a confirmed booking and you cannot find your confirmation number, please contact our Call Centre at 416-619-8622 or toll free at 1-888-619-8622 and we would be happy to help.

If your booking is not visible in your account, it may mean that you made it without being logged into your VIPorter account. You can still retrieve your booking via My Bookings.

All you need is the confirmation number and last name of one of the passengers in the booking. Please note that your VIPorter number must be part of your booking, for you to receive your points.

You can access all of your bookings that were travelled within the last 3 calendar years.

You can view any reservation with My Bookings, provided that there is at least one flight operated by Porter Airlines. Some details for flights operated by other airlines may not be available.

Correcting a discrepancy

If you selected the wrong date, time or destination when booking your flights on, please contact our Call Centre at 416-619-8622 or toll free at 1-888-619-8622 within 24 hours of making the booking. We will cancel and refund your original booking and can also help you with rebooking the correct flights at the lowest available fare.

If you haven’t noticed the mistake until later on, applicable fare rules will apply when making any flight changes and that includes change and cancellation fees, and any applicable difference in fare.

If your names appear joined together, don’t worry - agency reservation systems are not able to process spaces between names, so they’ll always appear joined.

Similarly, this happens with double-barreled last names, hyphenated first names and last names with apostrophes in them (ex. O’Leary) - the airport systems cannot show the characters that separate the names.

Don’t be worried about this, as airport security and Customs and Immigration staff are used to seeing this and won’t question you boarding pass being slightly different from how your name appears in your passport.

Your first or last name spelling mistakes of up to 3 characters can easily be corrected through our Call Centre, as long as all of the flights on your reservation are operated by Porter and the booking was booked with Porter directly. Please contact us at 416-619-8622 or toll free at 1-888-619-8622 and we would be happy to help. We do not charge for this type of change, however if the taxes, fees or surcharges applicable to your reservation have changed since the booking was made, we’ll need to collect the difference. Note that name corrections are not meant to substitute one passenger for another.

If you need to correct a name on a booking made through a travel agent or on a travel website, please contact them for assistance. We cannot change tickets issued through an agency.

If you need to update only your middle name to match your travel documents, you can do so online, via My Bookings or during web check-in.

For bookings made through a travel agent or through a travel website, any name corrections or changes must be requested through the original travel agency. We cannot change tickets issued through an agency.

For name updates related to a legal name change on a booking made through Porter directly, please contact our Call Centre. Be prepared to send through copies of documents to support the name change request, such as a marriage certificate or a legal name change document.

If you booked with us directly and realize you've made a booking for the wrong person and you find this out within 24 hours of making the booking, you can cancel the booking and receive a full refund in the original form of payment.

If your booking is outside of the 24 hour cooling off period, please call us at 1-888-619-8622 for additional advice and assistance.

If you have a duplicate booking, please contact our Call Centre at 416-619-8622 or toll free at 1-888-619-8622 before departure.

Receipts and proof of travel

An itinerary receipt is automatically generated for all confirmed reservations booked through It can be accessed through the Receipt link on the booking confirmation email you received after booking.

You can also obtain a copy of your receipt through My Bookings. Retrieve your booking by entering your confirmation number and last name. Your receipt will be available through the View My Receipt link on My Itinerary page.

You can obtain a copy of your receipt through My Bookings. Retrieve your booking by entering your confirmation number and last name. Your receipt will be available through the View My Receipt link on My Itinerary page.

If you booked with Porter directly, these fees will be listed as part of the booking receipt.

If you’ve booked your reservation through a travel agent or via an online travel agency, the receipt will only list the bag and seat fees that you paid to Porter directly. The receipt for your flight reservation will need to be obtained through your travel agency.

Your boarding pass is considered your proof of travel. If you no longer have your boarding pass, a confirmation letter for insurance or work-related purposes for Porter-operated flights can be obtained through our Customer Relations team. You can submit your request online using our Confirmation Letter Request form.

Standard processing time is about 2 to 3 weeks, provided that all required information is supplied.

Changing or cancelling your flights

If you need to change your flights or update any of your booking details, you will be able to directly access and update your booking online through My Bookings or on the Porter app at any time. All you need to get started is your confirmation number and passenger’s last name. VIPorter members can easily access all of their bookings through their account.

Or, if you prefer, you could contact our Call Centre and we would be happy to assist you.

If you made your booking through a travel agency or a travel website (i.e. Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz etc.), you would need to contact them with any inquiries or assistance with your reservation, as we are unable to change tickets issued by a travel agency.

While Basic fare flights are normally non-changeable, flight changes may be available under special circumstances, for a fee at the airport only and subject to limited seat availability. The travel origin and destination must be the same, requested on the same day of travel, and the new flight must depart on the same day as the original flight.

For a comparison of our fares and to see what's included with Basic fare, visit Our Fare Options page. For details of the fare rules applicable to your reservation, visit My Bookings.

My Bookings provides you with an option to change or update:

  • your flight time
  • your travel date
  • the fare type

You can also edit the following travel options on eligible bookings:

  • Add or change your seat selection
  • Add checked baggage
  • Add your VIPorter membership number
  • Add a special service request
  • Update your passport /travel documents info (if applicable)
  • Purchase travel insurance
  • Add car rental
  • Reserve a parking spot (Toronto departures only).

These options are available for eligible upcoming bookings only. Cancelled and past bookings are view only.

Most bookings made directly through Porter are eligible for online same-day changes on the day of departure.

If the option is not available for your booking online, you can request to have it processed through our Call Centre or when you arrive at the airport, subject to availability. Changes are permitted up to one hour prior to scheduled departure time.

If you would like to make a same day change on the day of departure and your reservation was booked through a travel agent or an online travel agency, you will need to contact them directly to process this change for you.

All changes or cancellations must be finalized one hour before scheduled departure time - fees and difference in fare will apply.

Yes, it can.

Yes, as part of the online flight modification process, you will be asked to confirm that you would like to cancel your check-in registration. The only exceptions to this are bookings with checked baggage that has already been dropped off at the airport counter.

The cost of cancelling your booking depends on the applicable rules of the fare you purchased. To learn more, retrieve your booking through My Bookings, using your confirmation number and last name. On My Itinerary page, scroll down to the Fare Rules section to view the rules and conditions applicable to your reservation.

Yes, you can request a refund for a booking that you cancelled within 24 hours of purchase, with no penalty.

If you cancel your booking online, you will automatically receive a credit. You will need to contact our Call Centre to request a refund.

Please note that exceptions apply to certain types of bookings such as:

  • Reservations made 24 hours prior to departure
  • Porter Pass redemption bookings
  • VIPorter points redemption bookings
  • Reservations paid by a Porter credit or gift certificate.

These bookings can only be credited to the form of payment used on the reservation (ex. Porter Pass voucher, VIPorter points or a reservation/account credit).

To view the summary of fare rules applicable to your reservation, first retrieve your booking through My Bookings, using your confirmation number and last name. On My Itinerary page, scroll down to the Fare Rules section to learn more about the rules and conditions.

A summary of your fare rules can also be found on the confirmation email you received upon booking.

Segments in a connecting flight journey do not have value on their own. If you need to change or cancel one of the connecting segments, the remaining connecting flight will need to be re-booked as a direct flight and applicable change fees and difference in fare will apply.

If you need to cancel your booking and your card details have changed, please be aware that we're unable to send any refundable amounts to a different credit card than the one that originally paid for your flights - so you'll need to contact the original card provider to arrange to receive the money.

Or you can choose to receive a credit towards a future Porter flight that must be booked and travelled within one year of your original booking.

Travel credits

Travel credits can be applied towards a new flight reservation booked on or through the Call Centre. You can also use a travel credit toward various travel options, such as seat selection, baggage or bundles.

Travel credits cannot be used for Porter Escapes flight and hotel packages.

Travel credits are fully transferable and can be used multiple times until the full value of the credit has been used. If you have more than one valid travel credit, you can combine them when booking your next trip. Travel booked using the applied credit must be completed before the credit expires.

Travel credits are valid for 12 months from the original booking date. Expired credits have no value and cannot be extended. Travel booked using the applied credit must be completed before the credit expires.

Electronic vouchers are issued to passengers for situations including denied boarding instances, customer service gestures, and for some irregular operations. Future travel credit is issued to passengers when they cancel a non-refundable reservation. It allows passengers to rebook their flights at a later date. Future travel credits are fully transferable and multi-use, while the electronic vouchers are not.

You can find your travel credit information in the confirmation email you received upon cancelling your reservation. You can also look it up through My Bookings. You will need the original booking confirmation and the passenger’s last name.

Travel credits can be applied towards a new booking either online at or by contacting the Porter Call Centre at 1-888-619-8622 or 416-619-8622.

Reservation credit
If your credit is stored under your original booking confirmation, choose the Reservation Credit option on the ‘Review and Pay’ page and enter the confirmation number of your cancelled trip to confirm the value of your credit and apply it to your new booking. You will see the price calculation on the right side accounting for your travel credit, so you know exactly how much you will be charged when you complete your purchase.

Account credit
If you had a VIPorter number associated with your booking when your flight was cancelled, your credit is stored under your VIPorter account number. You will need to log into your account before starting your booking. As long as there is any credit balance remaining in your account, you will be able to see and select the Account Credit option in the Redeem section of the Payment page.

If your booking was made through a travel agent or an online travel site other than, please contact them directly for rebooking assistance as the credit rules may differ.

Updating your booking

You can add this information to your reservation at any time through My Bookings, by following the Update Passenger Details link, or you can add it when checking in for your flight.

Yes, you can add a lap infant to your existing booking by contacting our Call Centre up to 1 hour prior to your flight's scheduled departure time. Note that infant space is subject to availability.

Form of payment change is permitted on bookings made at at any time prior to departure for a $50.00 fee plus applicable taxes. The fee will be charged in booking currency.

No, additional passengers cannot be added to an existing reservation; however, you can make a new, separate reservation for them at any time.

No, you don’t. You can use any form of payment that is offered as an option on the Payment page.

The travel agent/travel website that made your booking is the "owner" of your reservation and is responsible for helping you before or during your journey, as part of your contract with them. You may even have paid them a service fee for creating your booking, which will include provision for them to support you with any queries you have about your flights or booking. This would include making any changes you need, correcting a ticket if there's a spelling mistake in a name, or cancelling your tickets if you're unable to travel, as well as providing other travel advice.

If you would like to select your seat, add checked baggage or request a special service, you can do so directly through You will need your Porter confirmation number (booking reference) to retrieve your reservation via My Bookings.

If anything like this happens, our Call Centre team will do all they can to help you with cancelling or rescheduling your booking. However, it is very important that you speak to them before your flight departs. Based on the type of fare purchased, standard cancellation and change fees will apply.

If you purchased your ticket through a travel agent or a travel website, please talk to your agent for assistance.

In both Canada and the U.S., commercial airlines are required by law to grant access to certain passenger information to government agencies (ex. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the US Department of Homeland Security). This includes your name, date of birth, gender, citizenship and travel document data.

Data is provided for all travellers before a flight departs and is used to perform risk assessments on air travellers and crew, including watch list screening and analysis to identify potential threats to national and public security. Government agencies may share information you provide with law enforcement or intelligence agencies or others under its published system of records notice.

Once the CBSA or CBP receives the information, they electronically send a “board” or “no-board” message to commercial airlines before the individual boards a flight to Canada. For departing travellers, the CBSA will use advance exit information only to better identify high-risk persons and goods that depart or intend to depart Canada.

The CBSA follows strict guidelines to protect the privacy of passengers and crew members. The data is stored in a secure system accessible only by authorized CBSA officers. A summary of the Advance Passenger Information/PNR Program and its privacy implications can be found on the official Info Source web page.

For further information on CBP measures to safeguard your personal data, please review their Passenger Name Record (PNR) Privacy Policy.

For more on TSA privacy policies, or to review the system of records notice and the privacy impact assessment, please see the TSA website at