Boarding Process

You’ve checked in and made it through security. Now it’s time to board your flight. From boarding times to proper documentation, read through our boarding process so you don’t miss your flight!

At the gate

Your boarding gate and time will be displayed on your boarding pass. We encourage you to arrive to the gate area no later than the time shown. Boarding may start as early as 30 min prior to departure.

Gate assignments may change at any time due to airport gate availability, even after your boarding pass has been printed. Once you clear security, check a departures screen to confirm the departure gate for your flight.

Listen for the boarding announcement

Once your flight is available for boarding, a boarding announcement will be made in the departure gate area. It is important to note that general terminal announcements cannot be heard in certain airport concession areas, restaurants, and in some cases restrooms.

Have your boarding pass ready

In preparation for boarding, please have your boarding pass and government-issued photo ID (passport for transborder travel) ready for presentation. Your boarding pass must also be presented to a member of the cabin crew as you board at the aircraft door.

Boarding order

Pre-boarding is offered as a courtesy and is available to:

  • Passengers with disabilities
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Families traveling with children age two and younger
  • Premium VIPorter members

Once pre-boarding is complete, general boarding will commence.

Stow your carry-on and relax in your seat

You're almost ready to take off. Once you are onboard, place your larger carry-on baggage in the overhead compartment above your row and your smaller personal item under the seat in front of you. Take your seat, buckle up and make yourself comfortable.

Boarding cut-off time

If you are not at the gate available for boarding 10 minutes prior to departure, even if you have checked in and received your boarding pass, you will be denied boarding and will not be entitled to denied boarding compensation.

Improving your boarding experience

We're continuously working on ways to improve your travel experience when flying with Porter, and our boarding process is just one of many areas we're working on. As you travel throughout the Porter network, you may experience some variations in our boarding order as we work to determine what's best for our passengers. We look forward to sharing our process enhancements with you.

All prices are per person in Canadian dollars. Taxes and fees are included in the total package price. Prices and availability are not final until reservation is confirmed with payment. Baggage fees and other optional fees charged by Porter are not included.