Sporting Equipment

Trust your gear in our expert hands.

From the recreational hockey player to the avid golfer, trust Porter to handle your equipment with the same care and respect as you would. Here’s what you need to know regarding the packing requirements and restrictions for your gear.

Sporting equipment guidelines

Sporting equipment is counted as one piece of your checked baggage allowance unless otherwise stated.

Most sporting equipment can be checked in or carried on board provided it is properly packaged and meets the size and weight restrictions. If you exceed the size and weight allowance, overweight and/ or oversized fees may apply.

Items above 32 kilograms or 70 pounds and/or 203 centimeters or 80 inches combined length, width and height will not be accepted for transport.

For more information on baggage allowances and restrictions, please refer to our Checked Baggage and Carry-on Baggage sections.

Some sporting equipment is restricted for safety reasons. If your equipment isn't listed on this page, please contact us to find out if it's permitted for travel with Porter.

Packing instructions

Items must be suitably packed for shipping. Equipment packaged without proper protection may be refused for carriage.

Porter is not liable for any damage resulting from improper or inadequate packing.


Bicycles More info collapsed Bicycles Less info expanded

A maximum of one non-motorised single-seat bicycle and one helmet are allowed per passenger and are counted as one item towards your checked baggage allowance.

Overweight fees may apply. No bicycle over 32 kilograms or 70 pounds will be accepted.

Handling fee

All bicycles are subject to a handling fee of $50 plus applicable taxes ($50to$56.50), per bicycle per direction. The fee applies in addition to any applicable checked baggage charges.

How to pack

Porter may refuse carriage of improperly packaged bicycles. Please take the following precautions when transporting a bike:

  • Remove pedals or fix inwards.
  • Partially deflate your tires to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Fix handlebars parallel to the frame.
  • Pack the bicycle in a recognized bicycle box or protective hard case to protect your bike.

Bicycles are accepted for transport on a space available basis only.

Golf equipment

Golf equipment More info collapsed Golf equipment Less info expanded

Golf equipment is accepted as one piece of checked baggage. The oversized fee will not be charged for a golf bag; however, if your golf bag weighs more than 23 kilograms or 50 pounds, an overweight fee will apply.

Your golf bag is permitted to contain no more than:

  • 14 clubs
  • 12 golf balls
  • One pair of golf shoes

If you check a golf umbrella separately, it will count as an additional item of checked baggage.

How to pack

All golf equipment must be appropriately packed in a rigid and/or hard shell container designed for shipping. If improperly packaged, your equipment may be refused for carriage.

Fishing and boating equipment

Fishing and boating equipment More info collapsed Fishing and boating equipment Less info expanded

When packed together, the following fishing equipment will count as one piece of baggage against your checked baggage allowance:

  • One fishing rod with tackle box
  • One tackle bag with reels
  • One landing net
  • One pair of fishing boots

When packed separately, each of the items will count as one piece of baggage towards your checked baggage allowance.

A fishing rod in its case is exempt from oversize and additional checked baggage fees, as long as it’s carried with a tackle box/bag. All other checked baggage rules apply.

How to pack

Your fishing rod must be packed in a hard-shell fishing rod container.

Hockey, lacrosse, and football equipment

Hockey, lacrosse, and football equipment More info collapsed Hockey, lacrosse, and football equipment Less info expanded

One bag of equipment and two hockey or lacrosse sticks per passenger will be accepted as a single piece of checked baggage.

Each equipment bag may contain no more than:

  • One helmet
  • One puck/ring/football/stick
  • One set of pads
  • One pair of cleats, shoes or skates

Your equipment bag will be exempted from oversize fees as long it is transporting equipment only, however, it is still subject to applicable checked baggage and overweight fees.

How to pack

  • Hockey sticks must be taped together and packed separately from hockey equipment.
  • Equipment bags must not contain any clothing.

Hunting, sporting firearms and ammunition

Hunting, sporting firearms and ammunition More info collapsed Hunting, sporting firearms and ammunition Less info expanded

Firearms, parts of firearms and ammunition are only permitted as checked baggage and will be accepted in accordance with dangerous goods regulations.

It is your sole responsibility to:

  • Adhere to all applicable firearms laws, both domestically and internationally.
  • Obtain all relevant country-specific import/export permits and documentation prior to travel.

Handling fee

Each bag or case containing firearms or ammunition is subject to a handling fee of $50 plus applicable taxes ($50to$56.50), per direction. The fee applies in addition to any applicable checked baggage charges.

Firearms declaration

In accordance with the regulatory requirements, if you are travelling with any firearm(s), ammunition or cartridges you must declare them at the check-in counter.

We recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to the departure of your flight in order to present your firearm for inspection at check in and sign a Firearms Declaration Form.

How to pack

  • Firearms must be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided container specifically designed for the firearm. The hard-sided container must be secured with a lock.
  • Restricted firearms must be secured with either a cable lock or trigger lock to prevent firing.
  • Non-restricted firearms such as hunting rifles and shotguns do not require a cable or trigger lock.
  • Handguns may be packed in a locked hard-sided gun case, and then packed inside an unlocked soft-sided or hard-sided piece of luggage.
  • The rifle and ammunition may be transported in the same piece of baggage, however, must be packed in separate locked hard-sided containers.
  • Antique handguns or paintball guns do not require a secure locking device, although all other transportation provisions apply.
  • Firearms, replica firearms, firearm parts, including magazines, clips, bolts and firing pins may be transported as checked baggage only.

Porter assumes no liability for the misalignment of sights on firearms, including those equipped with telescopic sights.


You may transport up to 5 kilograms or 11 pounds of ammunition per passenger provided it is securely packed in a single container as checked baggage. Ammunition must be packed separately from the firearm; however, it can be transported within the same container. Allowances for more than one passenger cannot be combined into one package.

All ammunition must be declared at airport check-in. Only shells and cartridges are accepted.

The following are strictly prohibited:

  • Gunpowder (black powder) and gunpowder pellets
  • Primers or percussion caps
  • Loose ammunition or loose loaded magazines and/or clips

Carbon dioxide cartridges/tanks for paintball guns will only be accepted if empty, with the valve secured in the open position.

How to pack

  • The firearm and the ammunition must not be packed in the same container.
  • Ammunition must be securely packed either in the original hard-sided container or container specifically designed to carry ammunition.
  • Paintballs must be packaged in a leak-proof container and will be conditionally accepted. Paintball gun compressed gas cylinders are allowed in checked baggage or as a carry-on only if the regulator valve is disconnected from the cylinder and the cylinder is completely empty.

Scuba diving equipment

Scuba diving equipment More info collapsed Scuba diving equipment Less info expanded

You can bring one set of scuba diving equipment as part of your checked baggage.

The following will be counted as one piece of baggage:

  • Empty scuba tank* (must be presented at check-in for inspection - dangerous goods regulations apply)
  • Air supply regulator (needs to be completely disconnected from the cylinder)
  • Tank pressure gauge (pressure-sensitive devices may need special packaging; please refer to the manufacturer for advice)
  • Tank harness
  • Face mask
  • Pair of diving fins
  • Snorkel
  • Knife
  • Buoyancy control device
  • Air pistol
  • Safety vest
  • Spear gun

* Note that cylinders containing compressed air or a special gas mixture are prohibited.

There is no additional charge for scuba equipment as long as the items are within size and weight restrictions.

How to pack

We will only accept diving equipment that has been packed in a recognised kit bag and does not exceed the size and weight restrictions for checked baggage .

Please note that spear guns and harpoons must be packed in a hard shell container with the tip of the spear protected in order to prevent any damage (must be unloaded with the spear/harpoon packed separately).

Ski and snowboarding equipment

Ski and snowboarding equipment More info collapsed Ski and snowboarding equipment Less info expanded

The following equipment will be counted as one piece of checked baggage:

  • One pair of skis, one pair of ski poles and one pair of ski boots, or
  • One snowboard and one pair of boots

A boot bag won’t count as a separate piece of checked baggage as long as it contains only boots and a helmet and is checked in along with skis or a snowboard.

Your equipment bag will be exempted from oversize fees as long it is transporting equipment only, however, it is still subject to applicable checked baggage and overweight fees.

Sporting racquets (tennis, badminton, squash)

Sporting racquets (tennis, badminton, squash) More info collapsed Sporting racquets (tennis, badminton, squash) Less info expanded

You can bring one sporting racquet onboard as your standard piece of carry-on, provided it is suitably packed and meets carry-on size and weight restrictions.

When checked, each racquet carrier counts as one piece of baggage. Racquets must be packed in a container designed for shipping.

Other sporting equipment

Other sporting equipment More info collapsed Other sporting equipment Less info expanded

If the equipment you are travelling with isn’t listed here, please contact us to find out if it's permitted for travel with Porter.

Equipment Type Carry on
Permitted or Not?
Permitted or Not?
Archery equipment No Yes
Baseball or cricket bat No Yes
Boogie-board/Wake-board No Yes
Bowling equipment No Yes
Canoe/Kayak No No
E-bike No No
Hang-gliding equipment No No
Hiking/Alpine equipment No Yes
Hoverboard (air wheels, mini Segway) No No
Ice skates Yes Yes
Javelins No No
Kite board (up to 203 centimeters or 80 inches) No Yes
Longboard No No
Parachute No Yes
Paragliding equipment No No
Rollerblades / Inline skates Yes Yes
Skateboard No Yes
Surfboard (up to 203 centimeters or 80 inches long) No Yes
Vaulting poles No No
Water skis No Yes
Wave Board No Yes
Windsurfing Equipment No No

Sporting equipment on other carriers

Baggage allowances and policies vary by airline. If your journey includes a flight operated by an airline other than Porter, their sporting equipment policy may be different.

For details of JetBlue baggage rules, please visit

For other airlines, please refer to their websites or contact them directly.