Baggage Allowance for Children and Infants

Strollers and car seats

When travelling with infants and small children, a collapsible stroller and a car seat are accepted at no charge in addition to your checked bag allowance

You can choose to check these items at the check-in counter or bring them with you to the gate where they can be accepted as GatePorter items. Porter will Gate Check them for you. For your convenience, GatePorter items will be returned to you at your arrival gate

Item Car Seat Stroller
Accepted as GatePorter? yes yes
Checked Baggage? yes yes
Checked Baggage Fee? Complimentary Complimentary
Additional Information Car Seats and Child Restraint Systems Your stroller must be checked if it is:

Please note that playpens and other infant beds count as a checked bag and must meet checked baggage size and weight requirements.


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Porter strongly recommends the use of small collapsible (foldable) strollers. They can be checked at the gate and delivered to you at the aircraft door at the end of your flight.

Gate facilities at most airports are not designed to accommodate large and heavy strollers. Therefore, they will need to be checked in and may count as one piece of baggage toward the maximum checked baggage allowance for your purchased fare type.

Car seats

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Porter only allows infant and child restraint systems approved by Transport Canada or the Federal Aviation Administration to be used on board the aircraft for infants and small children with a paid seat. For details on acceptable infant and child restraint systems, please see Car Seats and Child Restraint Systems.

Carry-on allowance for an infant or child

If you are travelling with an infant under the age of 2 on your lap, you may bring a diaper bag to carry their belongings, in addition to your personal carry-on allowance. Standard carry-on allowance applies to infants and children with a reserved seat.

If you are travelling with an infant under the age of 2, you are permitted to bring the following in your carry-on baggage:

  • Baby food, milk, breast milk, formula and other baby items.
  • Gel and ice packs can be brought on board if they are being used to refrigerate baby food.
  • Any exempted liquids, such as baby formula or breast milk, should be packed so that they can easily be removed from carry-on baggage for inspection at the security checkpoint.
  • Toys are permitted in your carry-on baggage, but leave toys that look like weapons (e.g. water guns, toy grenades, etc.) at home. Always pack remotely-controlled toys in your checked baggage.

Checked baggage allowance for an infant or child

Lap-held infants that are travelling at no cost do not qualify for the checked baggage allowance. Standard checked baggage allowance applies to infants and children with a paid seat.