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Car Seats and Child Restraint Systems

Car seats

Transport Canada highly recommends the use of an approved child restraint for all phases of the flight. It provides the highest degree of protection for your infant or child and its use during flight will help in case of unanticipated turbulence.

The use of a child safety seat or restraint device is:

If you plan on having your child travel in a car seat on board the aircraft, you must purchase a seat on board for them. Porter does not supply car seats or any other child restraint systems.

Porter allows car seats to be checked, in addition to the paying passengers checked baggage allowance at no charge.

Approved car seats

Car seats must carry a label showing that they're approved for use on an aircraft, along with the instructions for use. We will accept car seats that have been approved to the following safety standards:

If your car seat doesn't meet these safety requirements, you can check it in with your other baggage free of charge.

Car seat dimensions and safety requirements

Your child must be secured in the approved car seat whenever the Fasten Seatbelt signs are illuminated.

All infants/children secured in a car seat must be seated beside a passenger 16 years of age or older, and are restricted from occupying the emergency exit row of the aircraft.

You must be familiar with the manufacturer's installation instructions for the infant/child restraint system, the method of securing and releasing your child in the restraint system and your child must meet the manufacturer's height and weight guidelines for the restraint system.

The car seat:

CARES™ child restraint system

An Amsafe CARES™ child restraint system may be used as an alternative to a car seat on the aircraft. CARES™ is a harness-type device that utilizes an aircraft passenger seat belt to secure your child's upper torso against the aircraft seatback.
It is restricted for use by children at least 1 year of age and older, weighing between 10to20 kilograms (22to44 pounds), and up to 100 centimeters (40 inches) in height.

For taller individuals with special needs, AmSafe has designed a special version of the CARES™ device with longer straps that will accommodate individuals over 137 centimeters (54 inches) and up to 183 centimeters (72 inches) in height.

To be acceptable for use on board a Canadian aircraft, AmSafe restraint systems must be used within the limitations specified by the manufacturer (as indicated on the label), and must display the following:

Pour les personnes de plus grande taille ayant des besoins spéciaux, AmSafe a conçu une version spéciale de l’ensemble CARES muni de sangles pectorales qui sont plus longues que les sangles de l’ensemble CARES régulier. Ces sangles plus longues répondent aux besoins des personnes mesurant plus de 137 cm (54 po) et jusqu’à 183 cm (72 po).