Expectant and New Mothers

Expectant mothers

Expecting a new addition? We welcome all baby bumps, in all shapes and sizes. If you are expecting, you may travel with Porter up to and including your 36th week. Even though you do not require medical clearance, we recommend you consult your physician before flying.

If you are between 36 to 38 weeks pregnant, you must present a doctor’s note issued within 48 hours of your departure flight in order to fly. If you are more than 38 weeks along, you will not be able to fly with us. For interline travel, note that our partner airline’s policy may be different. Please contact them directly for details.

Here are a few recommendations to make your flight with us even more comfortable:

  • Reserve an aisle seat to easily access the lavatory and to make getting up and stretching during the flight more convenient.
  • Staying comfortable and maintaining good circulation is key for a smooth flight. You may want to perform some simple movements by gently extending and stretching your calves, rotating your ankles and wiggling your toes.
  • Bring extra layers of clothing to ensure you’re able to adjust accordingly to the temperature changes within the cabin.
  • Avoid wearing restrictive footwear, as your feet can swell during the flight.
  • Wear compression stockings to facilitate blood circulation.
  • Fasten your seat belt under your belly and place it low on your hips. If you require a seat belt extension for additional comfort, just ask the flight attendant and they will provide one for you.

New moms

If you have given birth in the last seven days, first and foremost, congratulations! Second, we recommend you check with your doctor or midwife before travelling with us.

If you are flying with or without your baby, you are permitted to bring breast milk and formula in quantities greater than 100 mililiters (3 ounce.) as long as it is declared for inspection at the security checkpoint. Breast milk is in the same category as liquid medications. Gel or ice packs are also permitted.


  • If you are nursing and you wish to breastfeed your baby, you have the right to do so in any public accommodation including the aircraft cabin.
  • For your comfort and privacy, we will allow you access to empty rows if you would like to nurse or pump.
  • Breast pumps are permitted as carry-on baggage and are exempt from carry-on restrictions. Please note that Porter does not have inflight electrical outlets.