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Cognitive or Developmental Disability

Porter understands the challenges associated with cognitive disabilities. Let us know if you are a person with an intellectual disability or are travelling with a loved one who has any such disability, so that we can provide the best possible assistance before and during the flight.

How can we help?

Our team members are trained to assist passengers with specific needs. While they cannot ask for medical information related to your condition, they may ask questions to determine whether you can complete the flight safely and whether you need accommodations to make all possible arrangements so that the journey is enjoyable. We can help with:

Assistance does not include:

Any passenger with a disability who is travelling alone must be able to perform these actions independently during travel, without outside help.

To travel safely, passengers with cognitive or developmental impairments must also be able to receive and understand cabin crew’s safety instructions during the flight. If this is not the case, we strongly recommend that the passenger travels with a personal attendant in order to avoid any difficulties.

Being prepared

Travel can cause additional stress with a cognitive disability. While being prepared may not address all concerns, the following information may help reduce any stress or anxiety you are experiencing.

The Porter team is here to help you at all stages of air travel. In order to help us provide you with the best possible assistance, identify yourself to a staff member and let us know in what way we can assist you or if you are unsure about any airport procedures. Allow yourself some extra time to reduce any anxiety due to rush and seamlessly transit through the airport.

To learn more about Porter services that are tailored for passengers with specific needs, please review Our Disability Assistance Services.

To discuss accommodations or to request assistance, please contact our Disability Assistance Desk.