Cognitive or Developmental Impairment

Porter understands the challenges associated with cognitive impairments. We recommend that you let us know if you are travelling with a loved one who has any such disability so that we can provide them with the appropriate assistance before and during the flight.

How can we help?

We will endeavour to make all possible arrangements so that the journey is enjoyable. We can help with:

  • Checking in
  • Transit through the airport
  • Accessing, boarding and exiting the aircraft
  • Retrieving your baggage

Assistance does not include:

  • Help eating, drinking or taking medication
  • Assistance in the restrooms or any other form of personal assistance

Any passenger with a disability who is travelling alone must be able to perform these actions independently during travel, without outside help.

To travel safely, passengers with cognitive or developmental impairments must also be able to receive and understand cabin crew’s safety instructions during the flight. If this is not the case, we strongly recommend that the passenger travels with a personal attendant in order to avoid any difficulties.

Being prepared

If you are travelling with someone who has a cognitive impairment, it is best to be prepared for the following circumstances:

  • The airport environment provides an abundance of sensory experiences that can be overwhelming.
  • Security and customs checkpoints may cause stress and anxiety.
  • The passage to the boarding gates through large airports can be long and complex. Even passengers with mild cognitive impairments can become agitated and have difficulty finding their way around.
  • With specific impairments which lead to confusion or disorientation (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease), there is a risk that the passenger will not pay attention to the safety instructions issued by the flight attendants.
  • If the passenger disembarks from their flight without supervision, they could get lost in the airport and become increasingly confused and anxious.

To learn more about Porter services that are tailored for passengers with specific needs, please review Our Disability Assistance Services.

To discuss accommodations or to request assistance, please contact our Disability Assistance Desk.

Disability assistance contact information


TTY - dial 711

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