Seating Options

It's easy for you to select your seat for your Porter flight.

Window or aisle? Put your name on your favourite seat.

Types of seats

Don't know whether to choose a Classic, Premium or Premium PLUS seat?

Classic seat

Aisle or window? It’s up to you! Book a Classic seat and choose the view you want.

Travelling with a friend? Sit with them and enjoy the flight together.

Premium seat

In a hurry to get to your destination? Sit closer to the front for a quicker exit.

Sit back and relax in a comfortable leather seat and enjoy the view.

Premium PLUS seat

Premium PLUS seats are the best in the house. Stretch out more with the extra legroom.

And be the first to enjoy our complimentary drinks and snacks.

Fee or free?

Whether seat selection is free or comes with a fee depends on the type of fare you purchase and your VIPorter status. If you already have a booking, the easiest way to check is through Manage My Booking. Start by clicking the Add/Change Seats link in your Travel Options checklist, follow the instructions and we’ll tell you whether there is a fee or not.

Seat selection fees are charged per passenger for each flight segment and are inclusive of taxes. Flight segments are identified by a change in flight number; each flight number represents one flight segment.

Fees apply to flights operated by Porter. Seat selection is not available for flights operated by our interline partners.

How to select your seat

You can choose your seat:

  • When booking your flight online, select your seat just before you complete the transaction.
  • After booking your flight, select your seat online through Manage My Booking, or contact our Call Centre at 1-888-619-8622.

Can’t decide?

If you choose not to purchase a seat assignment in advance, you will be assigned a seat by our system at no cost when you check in for your flight, whether online or at the airport.

When you check in online, you will be able to view your assigned seats and upgrade if you want to. Seat assignments cannot be changed at the airport or once a boarding pass has been printed.

If you are a VIPorter member, you can select your seat preference (aisle or window) through your VIPorter account. We will attempt to accommodate your preferences when automatically assigning seats.

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Disability seating accommodation

Disability seating accommodation info collapsed Disability seating accommodation info expanded

There's no charge for selecting your seat if you have a specific seating requirement because of a medical condition or physical disability.

To reserve your seat, contact our Call Centre at 1-888-619-8622 at least 48 hours in advance of travel and advise the nature of your disability and assistance required.

If you did not select your seat in advance, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request. Find out more about disability assistance.

Travelling with children

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We know where you sit as a family can make a difference to your trip so we aim to make it a little easier.

If you don't select your seats in advance, where possible we'll automatically reserve suitable seats for you approximately 24 hrs prior to your scheduled departure. If you can't all be seated together, we'll make reasonable efforts to ensure each child under 12 years of age is seated with an adult travelling on the reservation. Therefore, it’s important that you indicate in your reservation at the time of booking that you are travelling with young children.

As an alternative, you can contact our Call Centre and make a request to be seated with your children. As long as adjoining seats are available at the time the request is made, we will assign them to you without charging any seat selection fees.

If you have a child travelling alone using our unaccompanied minor service, we will choose a suitable seat for them and look after them during the flight.

Learn more about travelling with children.