Our Fares and Fees

We want you to get the best deal when you book your flight with Porter. Learn what’s included in the price so you select the fare that best meets your travel needs.

Our Fare Options

You’ve got options when it comes to flying. Choose the type of fare you want to fly with and book – it’s that easy!

Taxes, Fees and Charges

We can’t make those taxes disappear but what we can do is break down the taxes, fees and charges throughout your booking process. We want you to know what you’re paying for every step of the way, so there are no surprises.

Optional Services and Fees

Perhaps you want to change your flight to stay longer at grandma’s or you want to bring your dog with you onboard. At Porter, we‘ll help tailor your flight to your needs. So, here’s breakdown of services and fees to help you.

Travel Terms and Conditions

This may not be as exciting as your favourite novel but here are some need-to-knows about your rights as a Porter passenger. We recommend you review these pages before your next trip.