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In-flight Experience FAQ

Learn more about what you can expect onboard your next Porter flight.

Onboard the aircraft

Porter serves complimentary premium snacks in-flight, along with beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea. Meals, subject to availability based on the time of the day and duration of the flight, are offered to passengers flying on a PorterReserve Navigate or Ultimate fare on board the E195-E2 aircraft.

No. Our inflight service is complimentary during your flight.

Cabin crew must not serve alcohol to anyone less than 19 years of age in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations and provincial laws. However, cabin crew also has the right to refuse to serve alcohol to any passenger, regardless of age, based on their discretion. Any alcohol served on Porter flight must be consumed on board the aircraft.

As per aviation safety regulations, passengers are prohibited from consuming duty free alcohol they bring on board. You can only drink alcohol offered as part of the inflight service.

Under Canadian Aviation Regulations (602.04), cabin crew is expected to stop serving alcohol to a passenger who appears to be intoxicated. Porter flight attendants take several factors into consideration when serving alcohol to passengers, including the number of alcoholic beverages consumed and the passenger’s behaviour.

Our passengers’ wellbeing and safety is our top priority, and in addition to providing great customer service it is the cabin crew's’ responsibility to ensure impaired passengers do not interfere with safety of the flight or other passengers on board the aircraft.

Unfortunately, our aircraft are not equipped with refrigerators. To read more about travelling with food, please review our Special Items section.

Free streaming in-flight entertainment is available on board our E195-E2 aircraft, used for long-haul flights. However, our Dash 8-400 aircraft are not equipped with an in-flight entertainment system.

Power outlets are available on board our E195-E2 aircraft only. However charging stations are available before you board your flight at all airports Porter services.

Porter is pleased to offer Wi-Fi on board the E195-E2 aircraft. Our Dash 8-400 are not equipped with Wi-Fi at the moment.

Our Dash 8-400 aircraft are equipped with one lavatory located at the front of the aircraft. Our E195-E2 aircraft are equipped with 2 lavatories located at the front and the the back of the cabin.

Lavatories on board the E195-E2 aircraft are equipped with a diaper changing table, while those on the Dash 8-400 are too small to accommodate one. However, the restrooms in our airports are all equipped with changing tables for you to use before boarding.

With 48 hours’ notice, we will remove nut products from our inflight service menu and assign seating in a nut-free buffer zone where passengers are requested not to consume any nut products.

You can request this special service when booking on or through the Porter Call Centre at 1 888-619-8622. You can also add a nut-free buffer zone request to an existing booking on our website. Retrieve your reservation through My Bookings and go to Update Passenger Details to submit your request

Despite our best efforts, nut product residue may continue to be present in the cabin. Other onboard food items may contain trace elements of nuts and other passengers may bring aboard food items containing nut products or residue.

For this reason, passengers with a nut allergy are strongly encouraged to take all necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure.

Turbulence may occur at any time during the flight. For your own safety, you are required to keep your seatbelt on for takeoff and landing, and whenever the seatbelt sign is illuminated. It is always recommended to keep your seatbelt fastened while seated.

Smoking on board is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. This includes e-cigarettes.

We don't currently offer an option to arrange for pre-paid delivery of a special treat that can be presented to a passenger on board one of our flights.

Additionally, due to security regulations, our airport teams aren't able to accept delivery of gifts to be presented to a passenger when they check in or board a flight.