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Checked Baggage

For those trips when just a carry-on isn’t enough, read here about your checked baggage allowances and other helpful information.

Weight and size allowance

Size allowance:

Up to 158 centimeters or 62 inches

Total size is measured by the length + width + height of your baggage.

Weight allowance:

Up to 23 kilograms (50 pounds) per bag

No single piece can weigh more than 32 kg (70 lb).

Fee or free?

Whether your checked bag is free or comes with a fee depends on the type of fare you purchase and your VIPorter status. If you already have a booking, the easiest way to check is through My Bookings. Start by clicking the ‘Add Baggage’ link in your flight Options checklist, follow the instructions and we’ll tell you whether there is a fee or not.

Baggage fees are non- refundable except if a booking is cancelled within 24 hours of purchase or if your baggage is damaged or delayed.

Checked baggage fees vary and are determined by your flight’s origin and destination, as well as the channel you use to pay for the fee. Save most when you pay for your checked bags during booking on

Overweight or oversized baggage

You may be able to check in a larger bag by paying an oversize or overweight fee at the airport. There must be space on the aircraft and your bag must be within size and weight limits. Please arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes prior to your recommended check-in time.

For detailed information on baggage allowances and pricing, go to Optional Services and Fees page.

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