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Packing Tips

A few tips and tricks for a smoother flight.

When you fly as much as we do you learn a thing or two about what to pack and how to pack. Instead of throwing everything into your suitcase and seeing what sticks, we can help you get organized about what to bring and how to make the most out of your baggage allowance.

Stash your valuables close by

Keep special items such as prescriptions, valuables, money and other important travel documents close at hand when travelling.

Overhead bin space is limited

Please keep this in mind if you’re only travelling with a carry-on. Due to the limited space in the cabin, there’s a chance we may need to send your carry-on bag into the checked baggage section of the aircraft. Be prepared by packing the necessities in your personal article (e.g. keys, ID, phone, passport, toothbrush, comb, etc.).

Make a small packing list

It may be wise to take a few minutes to create a brief list of items you would like to pack in your carry-on and checked baggage. This will save you time for future travels and you’ll become quite the smart flyer.

Know the right kind of bag to bring

Whether you’re planning on travelling with a just a carry-on or a checked baggage, familiarize yourself with our size allowances for each type of bag. Please see the carry-on baggage and checked baggage pages for more information.

The lighter the better

You don’t want most of the weight allowance to be taken up in your checked baggage. Ensure the weight is distributed evenly in your carry-on and checked baggage to avoid overweight fees.

Arrange your outfits in order

Packing can be easy when you sort out your clothing options for the journey. Simply choose a colour theme for your trip and pack the pants, skirts and tops that match with your chosen palette. A few wise choices will help you to mix and match for great reversible looks. Of course, accessorizing with different items can spruce up any outfit. (Please note: we are not fashion consultants, just an airline with an eye for fashion).

Roll instead of fold

Instead of sitting on your suitcase while trying to zip it up, we firmly believe in rolling as opposed to folding. Tightly rolling your clothes will make the items in your suitcase more compact, meaning you can pack more or better yet buy more when you arrive at your destination.

Shoes go first

Place all your heavier items like shoes, boots or belts first at the bottom of your bag. Another helpful tip, we recommend storing socks, or any other small item into your shoes for additional space.

Create compartments in your bag

You can use tote bags or any type of clear plastic bags to organize your smaller items like iPods, chargers, jewellery, etc.

You can’t bring everything with you

When headed out on your trip, it’s often a good idea to leave a few of your “necessities” behind. Some hotel rooms are already furnished with irons, hairdryers, etc. So it’s probably best to leave those items and maybe your volume bound collection of books at home.

Avoid unwanted spills

Wrap your toiletries in tightly sealed bags or wrap plastic wrap under the caps of your shampoo, body wash, or lotion bottles to avoid any leaks. If you’re only travelling with a carry-on bag, please review the allowances of size and packaging of liquids, gels and aerosols in the carry-on baggage page.

Some things were just not meant to board with you

It may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the guidelines in the restricted and prohibited items section to understand what is permitted or forbidden.

Go over your list one more time

Sometimes it’s wise to ask yourself: Do I really need six pairs of shoes for a two-day trip? Or, do I really need to bring my entire coin collection? (The answer would be no). You’ll always find something you can take out of your bag, this will make your experience smoother from the airport to your destination.