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Restricted or Prohibited Items

We make packing easier with a list of items that you should be careful with and the ones you really should leave at home.

What you can and cannot take with you

Many common, everyday items that seem harmless could pose a hazard aboard the aircraft during the flight due to their chemical or physical properties that may be affected by changes in pressure and temperature.

Before you begin packing for your trip, please take a minute or two to review what you can and can’t take with you on your flight, so you can enjoy a smooth, hassle free journey – from check-in to final boarding call.

Know the rules

Regulations may vary by country, so always check local airport restrictions and rules before you fly, especially if you are transferring to another airline at any point in your journey.

For flights departing from Canada, you can find a complete list of items which are federally restricted from being carried onboard our aircraft on the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority External site which may not meet accessibility guidelines (CATSA) website.

For flights departing from the US, visit the website of the US Transport Security Administration External site which may not meet accessibility guidelines (TSA).

Common restricted items

Specific restrictions apply to the transportation of certain objects and substances in an aircraft. The amount or quantity of these items is precisely defined. If these amounts are exceeded, transportation will be prohibited.