Carry-On Baggage

Please note that additional baggage restrictions may be imposed at the airport without prior notice.

TWO items of carry-on baggage are permitted, free of charge, per fare-paying passenger.

Carry-On Maximum Weight Maximum Size
(length by width by height)
Standard Article 9 kilograms or (20 lbs) 55 by 40 by 23 centimeters or(22 by 16 by 9 inches)
Personal Article 9 kilogramsor (20 lbs) 33 by 43 by 16 centimetersor (13 by 17 by 6 inches)
All carry-on baggage must fit in the sizing device at check-in, and must be stored under the seat or in the overhead compartment onboard the aircraft. If your carry-on is overweight or oversized, it will be checked at the gate for a fee starting at $47.50 to $129.38, taxes included.
  • Carry-on baggage is limited to two pieces:
    • 1 standard article not exceeding 55 by 40 by 23 centimetersor (22 by 16 by 9 inches) and weighing less than 9 kilograms or (20 pounds)
    • 1 personal article not exceeding 33 by 43 by 16 centimetersor (13 by 17 by 6 inches) and weighing less than 9 kilograms or (20 pounds)
  • Items that are not permitted in carry-on baggage aboard the aircraft are those that present a potential hazard. They include, but are not limited to, weapons and toys resembling weapons, tools, restraining devices, cutting and puncturing devices (knives, box cutters, scissors, straight razors), and other hazardous items as defined and regulated by law, including explosives, poisons, and other toxic materials.
  • All carry-on baggage must fit in the sizing units located both at check-in and the gate areas.
  • On board the aircraft, all carry-on baggage must be stowed under the seat or in the overhead compartments.
  • The following items are not counted as carry-on: coats, cameras, receptacles containing human remains, containers carrying life sustaining items, strollers, child restraint systems, crutches, canes, walkers and other such items. Further information regarding child restraint systems can be found here.
  • Please note that all liquids over 100 mL, excluding duty free items, must be placed in checked baggage prior to security screening for connecting domestic flights. Duty free items are permitted as part of carry-on baggage while connecting, so long as the purchase meets conditions outlined by CATSA.
  • The maximum number of pets permitted on any flight is two. Carriage of pets is subject to availability. Further information on the pet policy can be found here.
  • Porter may require that an item of carry-on baggage travel as checked luggage if the bag cannot be safely stowed in the cabin.
  • Passengers travelling with children are permitted to carry, free of charge, one stroller and one car seat per child. Parents travelling with an infant under 2 years of age (without paid seat) are permitted a small diaper bag as a carry-on bag as an additional carry-on.
    • These items are subject to standard carry-on weight and size restrictions.

GatePorter Service

GatePorter service offers passengers the opportunity to leave carry-on luggage at the aircraft bridge prior to boarding. It will be transferred to the aircraft baggage hold for transport. Upon arrival at the destination, the baggage will be returned to the bridge for passenger pick up.

GatePortered bags must follow the same rules as carry-on luggage and are not meant for oversized luggage.

Passengers are responsible to transport their GatePorter bags to connecting flights.