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Special or Extra Seating

We want you to have the best travel experience, so we recommend you contact our Disability Assistance Desk for any special seating requirements related to a medical condition or physical disability. Please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your travel in order to fulfill your request for appropriate seating accommodation.

Seating accommodation for passengers with a disability

We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate any request for seating that helps you manage your disability. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Please note that Transport Canada and FAA regulations require that emergency exit seats are not to be occupied by passengers whose presence in those seats could adversely affect the safety of passengers or crew during an emergency evacuation.

If you change flights at short notice or if you arrive at the airport without a seat assignment, Porter will make reasonable efforts to provide suitable accommodation.

Passengers who need extra space

Travel within Canada

If you are travelling within Canada and require additional seating because of a disability by obesity, you may request it free of charge. To make this request, please have your physician complete the Request for Additional Seating for Self (PDF) and submit it to our Disability Assistance Desk as far in advance as possible and no less than 48 hours prior to your flight. The form must be dated within 3 months of your departure. If you are filling the form interactively, please download and open the PDF form in Adobe Acrobat.

If submitted within 48 hours, you may be required to pay for two seats in advance and submit a request for a refund. This request for refund must be submitted within 30 days of the initial date of travel with Porter. If your request is not approved, a refund or compensation will not be issued.

Application approval process

Application approval process info collapsed Application approval process info expanded
  • All requests for additional seating will be reviewed based on the information received. Confirmation of approval or denial will be communicated to you.
  • Before making a final decision to approve or decline the request, Porter may contact your physician to confirm or clarify details provided on the form.
  • Incomplete and illegible documents will not be approved.
  • A completed and approved form is deemed valid for one (1) year from the date of physician’s signature.
  • Medical information shared is kept confidential in accordance with PIPEDA and CTA requirements.
  • The form must also be presented at the time of check-in.

If your request is approved, appropriate seating will be assigned by Porter taking both safety and your needs into consideration.

Direct flights to and from the U.S.

If you are travelling on direct flights to and from the U.S. and if you are not eligible for a free extra seat on a domestic flight, you have the option to purchase a seat for comfort by contacting the Porter Call Centre at 1-866-619-8622.

Bulkhead seating and emergency exit rows (1A/B and 2C/D on the Dash 8-400 and 1,13,14 A/B/C/D on the E195-E2) are not recommended as these seats have fixed armrests that narrow the available seating area.

Seat belt extensions are available on all of our aircrafts.

Type Length
Regular seat belt: 89 centimeters or 35 inches
Seat belt extension: 56 centimeters or 22 inches
Total: 145 centimeters or 57 inches

To assist in planning your trip, we can also provide you with dimensions of our seats and aisles.

Passengers travelling with an attendant

If you are travelling with another individual who is assisting you during the flight, you will be seated side-by-side.

If you are travelling within Canada and would like to find out more about the One Seat One Fare program and your eligibility, please visit Travelling With a Personal Attendant.

Interline travel

When connecting to or from any other airline, including interline flights, Porter cannot guarantee special or extra seating on the flight operated by another carrier. Please contact the operating carrier directly and notify them of your specific travel needs.