Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment is permitted and subject to excess weight, oversized, and/or handling fees where applicable. Unless otherwise stated, items count as one piece of baggage towards checked baggage allowance. Normal weight and size restrictions apply.

Please refer to Checked Baggage for detailed checked and carry-on allowances.

Items must be suitably packed in rigid and/or hard shell containers specifically designed for shipping. If otherwise packaged, items may be refused for carriage. Porter Airlines is not liable for any damage resulting from inadequate packing or defective containers.

Skis (including poles)

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Can be checked as a single piece of baggage. Excess weight fees apply.


Snowboards More info collapsed Snowboards Less info expanded

A snowboard counts as a single piece of checked baggage. Excess weight fees apply.

Golf clubs

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Golf clubs, balls and shoes packed in a suitable protective bag may be checked as a single piece of baggage.

Fishing equipment

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Rod and tackle are considered a single piece of checked baggage.

Sports rackets

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May be carried onboard the aircraft.


Firearms More info collapsed Firearms Less info expanded

In accordance with federal law, a passenger who presents baggage containing a firearm must sign a declaration form which confirms the firearm is unloaded and placed in a suitable locked container before such baggage will be checked. A $50 handling fee per firearm will be charged per direction, in addition to all excess fees (overweight, extra item) are applicable.


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Up to 5 kg of ammunition may be carried in checked luggage provided it is securely packed. Ammunition must be declared during the check-in process.

Hockey equipment

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Two hockey sticks (taped together) and one bag of equipment may be checked as a single piece of baggage.


Bicycles More info collapsed Bicycles Less info expanded

Bicycles are counted as one item of checked baggage. A $50 handling fee per bicycle will be charged per direction. Excess weight fees apply. Passengers are responsible for proper packaging of the bicycle: tires partially deflated, handlebars secured, and pedals removed.